A Simile for Her Smile的作者是谁啊有这首诗的翻译没?

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A Simile for Her Smile的作者是谁啊有这首诗的翻译没?
A Simile for Her Smile的作者是谁啊

A Simile for Her Smile的作者是谁啊有这首诗的翻译没?
Richard Wilbur

Your smiling, or the hope, the thought of it,
Makes in my mind such pause and abrupt ease
As when the highway bridgegates fall,
Balking the hasty traffic, which must sit
On each side massed and staring, while
Deliberately the drawbridge starts to rise:
Then horns are hushed, the oilsmoke rarefies,
Above the idling motors one can tell
The packet's smooth approach, the slip,
Slip of the silken river past the sides,
The ringing of clear bells, the dip
And slow cascading of the paddle wheel.

A Simile for Her Smile的作者是谁啊有这首诗的翻译没? What do you think a good simile or metaphor for society is and why?如何翻译?用翻译软件翻译出来,读着非常难受 SMI 是什么! friend,souvenir,her,for,her,bought,a i ()her a lot for her help simile和metaphor的区别,有句子Climbing hills is a great teacher.这是用了什么修辞手法?是simile还是metaphor?The world is a stage.这个是Simile,也是用is的,我需要系统的回答。 Her parents _____ (hold) a party for her birthday yesterday. 英语Her mother buys a new dress for her对吗 i'd like( )sandy a pen for her her birthday smi三进三出如何操作 SMI 理财是什么? You can a ___Mary for her photo. 英语翻译The error of measurement of a zero-type MH in a NC machine should be accounted for in assigning the automatic workpiece basing cycles,in the case of basing on a cylindrical pin or hole,the basing error will be eat = 0.5(o w + o a + Smi n) is looking for her camera .Tom is helpingis looking for her camera .Tomis helping .A.She;she B.She;her C.Her;she D.Her;her which figure of speech is used in the following lines?To spend too much time in studies is sloth; to use them too much for ornament,is affection; to make judgment wholly by their rules,is the humor of a scholar.a.Metaphor b.Parallelism c.Simile d.P Why not have a party for her 同义句______ ______ ______ a party for her 写一首英语诗以下选择:1.love is 2.pain is 3.the promotion test is 4.learn english is 5.a true friend is 6、the future is 7.success is 8.happiness is line1:metaphorline2:simile(as)line3:simile(like)line4:simile(as)line5 My mother bought a present for her.就画线部分提问(for her)